Consultancy - finance and insurance in Switzerland

We understand your struggles

We specialise in coaching finance and insurance in Switzerland. However, many years of experience in the Swiss market and largely working with people from various other countries of the world, has given us the understanding that it is not just finance that is a topic that is covered daily in our meetings, but a wide range of counselling in various spheres of life.

Finanse i ubezpieczenia w Szwajcarii

Insurance and finance are an integral component accompanying every person who lives in Switzerland. We advise you based on your wishes and goals and put together the optimal insurance package in Switzerland from the best service providers. We specialise in both private insurance in Switzerland and company insurance.

  • Health insurance in Switzerland
  • Pension insurance in Switzerland
  • Pension plan analysis, options and optimisation
  • Home and third party insurance
  • Financial plans and investments
  • BVG occupational pension plan
  • Accident insurance UVG
  • Sickness insurance KTG
  • Professional liability insurance
Przeprowadzka do Szwajcarii

Moving to Switzerland

Living and staying in Switzerland as a foreigner, or how to prepare for your trip and what you should know.

  • Moving to Switzerland
  • Insurance in Switzerland for foreigners
  • Buying a flat or a house in Switzerland
  • Taxes
  • Bringing your family to Switzerland
  • Work and residence permits in Switzerland
Coaching finansowy Szwajcaria

Life stages and events

Life is full of surprises and just as there are many things we can prepare for, there are also events that are beyond our direct control. And even with good planning, fate can surprise us.

  • The birth of a child in Switzerland
  • Relocation – resettlement property
  • Travelling
  • Purchase of a car in Switzerland
  • Purchase of a freehold flat/house
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Self-employment
  • Saving
  • Wedding

Financial Coaching, Insurance and Consultancy

Have you ever wondered how Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world? Do you know how exactly the health and social insurance system works? How to reasonably secure your retirement and ensure a secure future for your children? How to invest money so that you can build your own house at home or abroad, or simply make your dreams come true? How do you start saving?

When we dare to think about our dreams and therefore our finances, we often quickly put it aside. The subject of finance and insurance is so complex, full of providers and products that make us feel anxious and uncertain, rather than leading to the realisation of our plans. As a result, we often neglect our own financial situation.

Polskie doradztwo i ubezpieczenia w Szwajcarii

Without being in contact with the financial industry on a daily basis, it is difficult to determine for oneself to what extent a product is optimally suited to one’s needs. That’s why we want to come out ahead and offer you advice that aims to make financial issues in Switzerland as simple and clear as possible.

Our services

Our mission is to provide every client with full transparency in the world of finance and insurance in Switzerland, while helping you find your way abroad and get the most out of your stay. Our goal is to develop a strategy, insurance, financial or pension solution that fully meets your expectations.

We work with the best and largest insurance companies in Switzerland, which gives us the opportunity to provide independent advice, without being bound to a particular product or representation.

We offer a comprehensive service to help you feel confident and give you the support you need to overcome the many challenges on your path in Switzerland

Private customers

Together with you, we discuss the insurance system in Switzerland and analyse your needs. We plan your financing options so that you can fulfil all your wishes, such as owning your own home or setting up a business.

We offer consultations:

Corporate clients

We help you find the best most optimal solution for you as a company, as well as your employees. We strive to protect you as an employer from all risks, while keeping your employees safe.

We offer consultations on:

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