Death: administrative matters

Losing a loved one is a difficult painful experience. During this difficult time we have to undertake a lot of administration to close all the affairs of the deceased.

What should I do in the event of the death of a loved one?

The death must be reported immediately to the registry office or burial office of the place of residence and death.

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What documents do I need?

– A medical certificate of death and, if necessary, a death notification from the hospital or home administration
– family booklet
– identity card or comparable identification documents
– for foreigners: settlement or residence permit

The death is also reported to the local tax office. It makes a tax inventory of the assets. Only then can the survivors dispose of the assets.

Persons and institutions to be informed of the death:

– The employer of the deceased should receive news of the death as soon as possible. He then informs the accident insurance and usually also the pension fund. The death of the insured person must also be reported to the AHV.
– the accommodation provider
– the competent consulate
– bank and postal accounts (it is advisable to cancel standing orders and check existing powers of attorney)
– health insurance
– accident insurance
– life insurance

AHV, BVG and life insurance

If you are entitled to a survivor’s pension, contact the AHV office of the canton of residence of the deceased as soon as possible. They will send you an application form. If the deceased has already received a pension, the compensation office will cancel or recalculate the pension. Likewise with the 2nd and 3rd pillar. At the time of death, apply to the insurance in question and ask for the documents that will enable you to collect the capital or pension.