Goods and property insurance

Ubezpieczenia w Szwajcarii

Property and belongings insurance protects our possessions (furniture, clothes, gadgets, equipment, etc.) from partial or total damage in the event of:

1. fire
2. flood
3. earthquake
4. theft
5. destruction of items by ourselves

What does the price of contents and property insurance depend on?
The price depends mainly on the sum insured for the things in question, in other words the value of the things you own. Please note that the value of things purchased in Switzerland may be slightly higher (considering prices) than the value of the same things purchased abroad.

When determining your own inventory, it is advisable to seek the help of an advisor who can help you determine the sum insured on Swiss standards.

Is this insurance compulsory?
No, insurance for your own belongings is a voluntary insurance.

Is the theft of a bicycle from a cellar or from a car park in town included in this insurance?
Yes, in the point of theft in the place of residence as well as outside the place of residence. Often this sum is limited to e.g. Max. CHF 2,000 per year.

If you have an E-Bike or Mofas you must declare this additionally in your insurance.

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