Insurance in Switzerland

If you are thinking of going to Switzerland or if you are already working there, it is essential to think about health insurance. Everyone living in Switzerland must choose basic health insurance within 3 months of arrival. Switzerland has one of the best health insurance systems in the world and everyone has access to it.

Is health insurance compulsory in Switzerland?

Of course, like most countries in the European Union, health insurance in Switzerland is compulsory. From the moment you register, you have 3 months to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland. There is no need to delay taking out insurance in Switzerland, as the municipality in such cases usually chooses the insurer itself, makes us pay the premiums retroactively and can even give us a penalty for not paying previous premiums. So, if you are already working in Switzerland, have just moved or are receiving a pension in Switzerland, the Health Insurance Act (KVG) obliges you to take out basic insurance in Switzerland.

Ubezpieczenie zdrowotne podstawowe w Szwajcarii

Basic health insurance

Ubezpieczenie zdrowotne dodatkowe​ w Szwajcarii

Supplementary health insurance

Ubezpieczenie emerytalne w Szwajcarii

Pension insurance

Ubezpieczenie rzeczy i mienia w Szwajcarii

Goods and property insurance

Ubezpieczenie OC w Szwajcarii

Third party liability insurance

Ubezpieczenia pojazdów w Szwajcarii

Car insurance

Ubezpieczenie prawne w Szwajcarii

Legal insurance

Ubezpieczenie od nieszczęśliwego wypadku i śmierci w Szwajcarii

Accident and death insurance

Who is obliged to take out insurance?

People who have permanently settled in Switzerland are obliged to take out compulsory health insurance. The Swiss system, called capitation contribution, means that every member in the family must pay monthly contributions to the health insurance fund, i.e. take out basic health insurance in Switzerland.

Who is exempt from compulsory health insurance in Switzerland?

– A person who lives in Switzerland, but works in an EU/EFTA country or receives a pension only in an EU/EFTA country,
– the person who came to Switzerland for medical treatment or cure,
– who have been posted to Switzerland for a period not exceeding 24 months by an EU/EFTA country
– persons who are employees of an international organisation or members of a diplomatic or consular mission and who enjoy privileges under international law.
The special conditions described below, which exempt from compulsory sickness insurance in Switzerland, concern persons who reside in a European Union country, but study or work in Switzerland.

Which health insurance in Switzerland do I need?

Health insurance

Switzerland is based on a different health system than the Federal Republic of Germany, so there are big differences in the coverage of our health costs. In Switzerland, each person is responsible for their own health insurance and bears the costs themselves.

Basic health insurance in Switzerland is compulsory and is offered by around 60 insurance companies, the so-called health insurance funds, which offer the same range of benefits. It covers, among other things, medical care, outpatient care, maternity, medicines or treatments prescribed by a doctor, such as a physiotherapist or massage therapist.

If you want to use other services beyond the scope of the basic insurance, which includes, for example, a dentist, you can take out additional health insurance in Switzerland. Compared to basic health insurance, additional health insurance in Switzerland has more tariffs and benefits. In appropriately selected variants, it forms one of the best insurance plans in the world.

Accident insurance

If you work more than eight hours a week for one employer, he is obliged to provide you with insurance. Otherwise you have to take out personal accident insurance yourself. Three months after moving to Switzerland you have to choose your basic health insurance, you are free to choose from all available health insurance providers. Mobiliar’s insurers and pension advisors are also happy to advise you on the most convenient and best insurance option in case of accident or illness.

Car insurance

In Switzerland, your car is also insured, whether you bring it to Switzerland or buy it there. The law in Switzerland requires us to have third party motor vehicle insurance, which protects you from financial liability in the event of damage caused by your vehicle. Since accidents can cost a lot, this liability insurance also offers protection.

Household contents and liability insurance

Compared to compulsory health insurance in Switzerland, liability insurance is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended to take it out, due to the protection against the financial consequences of third parties due to legal liability.

You should also take out home insurance because it protects your movable property from the financial consequences of damage caused by, for example, theft, flooding or fire.

Compulsory social insurance contributions

Compulsory social security contributions are deducted from your gross salary:

– Pension and family insurance (AHV),
– Disability insurance (IV),
– Unemployment insurance (ALV),
– Employee benefits insurance (BVG),
– compensation for loss of earnings (EO).

On the Swiss pension system, you can find more information here. About any social insurance, wages or additional wage costs, you can get more information from your insurance and pension advisor at Mobiliar Insurance.