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Legal expenses insurance in Switzerland

What is legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance is a private legal insurance contract. Its purpose is to protect the insured against all financial consequences of legal disputes.

The scope of insurance covers not only legal advice and assistance, but also the assumption of legal costs and attorney’s fees. We can divide it into two groups:
– motor insurance
– private legal expenses insurance

What does private legal expenses insurance mean?
Private legal expenses insurance offers financial protection in the event of private legal disputes. For example, in court cases involving tenancy law or housing and property law.

Private law areas and services are:
1. compensation
2. assistance to victims
3. criminal law
4 Insurance law
5. tenancy law
6. Property law
7. labour law
8. Contract law
9. Patient rights
10. Succession law
11. Neighbourhood law
12 Internet law
13. Property law
14. public building law

What does Road Traffic Legal Protection mean?

Road traffic legal expenses insurance provides financial protection in the event of legal disputes concerning road traffic. This applies to court cases after a road traffic accident or in disputes over the purchase, leasing or repair of a vehicle.

The areas and services of legal traffic cover are:
1. compensation
2. assistance to victims
3. criminal law
4. insurance law
5. Administrative procedure
6. Recovery of driving licences
7. vehicle contracts law

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