Pension insurance

Ubezpieczenie emerytalne w Szwajcarii

Pension insurance

The pension system in Switzerland consists of a state, company and private pension plan.

Depending on the life stage, pension risks are different and other needs of the pension system become important. For example, a young family focuses on supporting children or a spouse. Funding a home can also be important. As retirement age approaches, questions about early retirement often arise. Those approaching retirement are interested in whether they should draw part of their pension in a lump sum. They wonder whether they will still be able to afford to buy their own home after retirement. And they want to know whether their own wishes and plans can be realised.

The first pillar: the state pension scheme
Purpose: to ensure a minimum standard of living, to maintain subsistence.

Second pillar: occupational pension scheme
Objective: to maintain your standard of living. It supplements your benefits from the first pillar (AHV). Employees with an annual income of at least CHF 21,510.00 are compulsorily insured under the employee benefit plan.

Third pillar: private pension provision
Purpose: to cover individual pension shortfalls from the first two pillars.

It is important to take an early interest in your pension fund. With the right solution, you can be sure that your dreams will come true. At the same time, you can easily save on taxes.

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