Supplementary health insurance

Ubezpieczenia w Szwajcarii

Supplementary health insurance – The key facts

– Supplementary insurance is voluntary, unlike basic insurance.
– depending on the package you choose, it complements your basic health insurance
– Insurance companies are not obliged to automatically accept customers for supplementary insurance. When you apply for such insurance, you have to fill in a health questionnaire, so it is the safest to insure yourself while you are healthy, because as a rule, insurance companies do not want to cover the costs of additional treatment, if you know that something ails you and you have to undergo treatment in the near future.
– insurance companies that offer obligatory basic health insurance, also provide supplementary insurance
– you should carefully analyze the supplementary insurance offers, because often the services of particular companies are the same but their prices differ or for a similar price you can get better services in another company

Ambulatory insurance
It complements the services provided by the basic health insurance, which are not fully covered by it, such as certain medications, additional services during pregnancy, psychotherapy, glasses, ambulance transport costs, etc.

Alternative medicine
Depending on the health insurance fund, between 30 and 120 alternative treatments are reimbursed, e.g. acupuncture, acupressure, osteopathy, massage, homeopathy. In Switzerland, alternative medicine is a very popular treatment method. Many specialists in Switzerland recommend complementary medicine in addition to pharmacological therapy.

Hospital insurance
Allows you to use the services of hospitals throughout Switzerland. We can divide hospital insurance into hospital insurance on general, semi-private, flexible or private terms.

Dental insurance
A popular insurance supplement in Switzerland for children, chosen, among other things, to cover the cost of braces (note, the cost of braces is also included in outpatient insurance), used for costs related to oral hygiene as well as general dental procedures.

There are also many other insurance add-ons on the insurance market in Switzerland such as death and disability insurance, travel insurance, legal medical accident insurance and the like.

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