Third party liability insurance

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Privathaftpflichtversicherung – civil liability insurance

What does liability insurance mean?

Liability insurance is intended to protect the insured’s assets. In everyday life, many unwanted damages caused by third parties can occur.

In the event of damage, the injured party can file a claim for compensation, which is controlled by personal liability insurance and accepted, provided that the damage is justified.

Liability insurance is often taken out with household insurance (Hausratversicherung).

Liability insurance is not mandatory, but it is one of the most important insurances that cover a person’s basic insurance needs.

This insurance is often required as a security from landlords.

Depending on the claim, the sums involved in some civil claims can reach up to several million Swiss Francs, which can lead to financial ruin. Since a mishap can occur unexpectedly at any time, personal liability for all individuals is highly recommended in order to be protected in the event of events that threaten our finances.

Who is insured?

The insurance always covers the persons named in the policy. You can choose between insurance for a single person or for a family. However, the definition of family insurance varies from company to company. For example, in some insurance companies, children are co-insured until the age of 30, while in other companies they are only co-insured until the age of 20.

Insurance coverage
In principle, liability insurance is valid worldwide.
What does liability insurance cover?

The insurance covers damage to property, personal injury and resulting financial loss. In addition, customers can benefit from passive legal protection insurance, because in the event of damage, the insurance controls whether the insured can be held liable at all.

What’s more, you can extend your insurance coverage with the following add-ons:
– Lent car insurance – Fremdlenkerversicherung
– Hired horses
– Model aeroplanes

While you borrow a car from someone and cause damage, it is not covered by your private insurance. For this, you need the aforementioned additional protection (Fremdlenkerversicherung).

Please note that regular use or rental of someone else’s car is excluded.

Exclusions – what does the liability insurance not pay for?
– deliberate changes to the property (for example, if we paint the walls in a child’s room pink and our tenant wants white).
– damage to property and other acts that violate the law
– damages that are incurred in commercial activities

Damages can be varied in nature, here are some examples that can occur in everyday life:
1. a collision on the ski slopes. Person A is careless and collides with person B. Person B breaks his leg and has to be taken to hospital by Rega. The damage in this case consists of medical expenses, emergency transport and possible loss of income for person B. As person B is not at fault for the accident, he can hold person A responsible and claim damages. The damage is checked by the liability insurance and the costs are covered.
2.while playing ball, a child hits a neighbour’s window and breaks it.
3. while riding your bike recklessly, you drive into a parked car, which is scratched.

Tips for liability insurance
– Check that your children remain insured when they reach the age of 18 and at the start of their working lives.
– Choose a sum insured of between 5 and 10 million

Is damage to rented accommodation, covered under third party insurance?

Yes, damage caused by tenants such as a broken sink or damage to the floor is covered by private insurance. Depending on the company, a deductible is additionally charged.

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