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Angelika Meurer

“Our lives have four great purposes: to live, to love, to learn and to leave something valuable behind.” – Steven Covey

When I arrived in Switzerland, my path was quite tortuous. A country that at first seemed like a paradise turned out to be more complicated than I could have ever imagined. Not knowing the language well and having no family there, every breath of Alpine air made me worry about how I would cope in this country. Fortunately, I met people on my way who showed me signposts and thanks to them I managed to pursue my goals step by step. In 2015, I started working in the finance and insurance sector. With this idea, “Polish consulting in Switzerland” was created. Meeting many people on my professional path who started their journey in Switzerland, I noticed that I was not the only person who struggled with a feeling of being lost at the beginning of their journey in Switzerland. And that is why I came up with the idea, the vision of creating a platform, where, in one place, starting from scratch in Switzerland, you are able to find information and contacts in various areas of life to specialized experts who speak Polish.

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